Revolution in lighting Luminaire configurator luminaire parameters to choose more than 2,000,000 options to choose from ADQUEN is an innovative in product offering LED luminaires system. The main advantage of the system is ability to freely create a luminaire, according to the individual customer's expectations. Configuration of the final product is the result of a combination of luminaire characteristics variables, classified in 11 main groups of parameters. Generated luminaire will be produced in 48 hours.
Welcome to the electronic configurator of the LED lighting system ADQUEN.User-friendly computer application smoothly and intuitively guide you through the three stages of working with configurator, which are:
  • configuration of individual luminaire index,
  • presentation of the configured luminaire,
  • generation of the inquiry.
The configuration of the luminaire start with free choice of features and characteristics classified in 11 basic groups of parameters.Welcome!